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Top Five Wednesday #1


Trying my hand at another very popular book blogging meme- Top Five Wednesday! This meme is hosted by Lainey and Sam via the T5W Goodreads group and has been around since November 2013. Each month after taking suggestions from the group of over 7000 members, the hosts select themes for each week. This week the theme is Favorite Minor Characters and is defined as such:

Minor characters are less than a sidekick or a side character (but not in our hearts!) Everyone will have a different definition of what makes a minor vs a side character but just as an example, I’d consider Ron and Hermione side characters, while Lavender Brown, Oliver Wood, and Dean Thomas are minor characters. Results may vary so don’t get too caught up in it.

I may be toeing the line on a few of these, but here goes!

  1. Miss Josephine Barry from Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
    1985JosephineBarryI’m a fairly new Anne fan, but when I fell for the spunky red-haired heroine I fell hard! I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I loved many of the side characters, but particularly Diana Barry’s Great Aunt Josephine. Something about how the old woman was won over by “that Anne girl” was so endearing- she never seemed to want Anne to be less Anne-like and believed in her from (almost) the start. After all Anne had been through, it was nice for her to have a well respected influential adult in her corner.
  2. Crookshanks from Harry Potter by JK Rowling
    crookshanksThere are so many great characters throughout the Harry Potter series that it was too hard to pick just one (Mad-Eye, Lupin, Tonks, Madame Pomfrey…), so I copped out and picked Hermione’s wonderful cat Crookshanks. IMHO there was not nearly enough Crookshanks in the books; his spot on intuition (from being half Kneazle) could have been infinitely useful in any number of the sticky situations Harry and his friends found themselves in.
  3. Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    mr collinsThose unfamiliar with Jane Austen may assume that her books are stuffy old romantic classics, and boy are those folks missing out on some wonderful clever and funny stories! A character that makes me literally LOL every time I read Pride and Prejudice is  Mr. Collins. You are not supposed to like him, and he would surely be offended that I consider him the comic relief in the story, but his caricature of religious zealots/male ego is timeless and spot-on. He gets me every time.
  4. Miracle Max from Princess Bride by William Goldman
    storming castleHave fun storming the castle! I don’t believe this line is actually in the book, but regardless of Bill Crystal’s iconic performance and ad-libbing, Miracle Max cracked me up when reading one of my all-time favorites, The Princess Bride. Are you seeing a theme here? Minor characters take note- the way to my heart is clearly to make me laugh!
  5. Ofglen from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
    Oh yikes never mind… While there is nothing humorous about the Handmaid’s Tale (especially considering our country’s current climate), Ofglen definitely came to mind as an awesome minor character for me. I just finished Handmaid’s Tale a few weeks ago and have started to watch the show. Ofglen is a more prominent character on the show, but less so in the book. Either way, I selected her for her influence on Offred and general badassery.

So that’s what I’ve got for my first Top Five Wednesday! Excited to add another easy meme to what will hopefully become a more regular blogging routine. Who are your favorite minor characters? Do you disagree with any of my picks? I’d love to hear all about it, but until then…

Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It’s past your bedtime. Goodnight, love…”

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