Hi! My name is Jennee. I love books and reading and have for pretty much my whole life. Some of my earliest memories are of my parents and grandparents reading me books (I especially loved “Don’t Forget the Oatmeal” a book about grocery shopping and the importance of making lists and “The Dragon Takes A Wife” a fairly unknown gem!). My favorite movie was and still is Beauty and Beast largely due to the bookish and wonderful heroine, Belle (the namesake for both this blog and my beloved cat).

School changed everything- I learned to read quickly and became obsessed with the Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew series. I was one of those kids that got yelled at for reading at the dinner table or not being social because my head was always stuck in a book. On my birthday my grandma would take me on a shopping day and I could go anywhere I’d like. I chose Barnes and Nobel every time. My favorite field trip… the library of course!

Then in middle school, Harry Potter happened and that was it. Reading was validated as a legitimate hobby for me and I never turned back. Nowadays, I am a faithful member of the Raging Readers (the most epic book club on the face of the earth) and dream of having my own personal library like this:


or someday opening my own bookstore. A girl can dream…

I am thrilled to get this blog up and running. I plan to post book reviews and monthly/book haul recaps, as well as other bookish tips and all things reading related. Goodreads, Book of the Month, podcasts, Book Clubs… the possibilities are endless! The ultimate goal is to someday get a BookTube channel up and running, but that is too intimidating for me right now, so I thought I’d at least take the first step with a medium I’m familiar with. Thanks for reading and check back soon for site updates.


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